Rouren Torres Poems

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The Wonders Of A Tantrum

Sometimes I feel like screaming;
Others like kicking.
On a more childish occasion,
Giving a whine as protestaton.

Sweet Temptation

Kiss me,
I dare you.

Hold me,

To Compare Me To A Summers Day

You may not.
For a summers day,
In its heat
In its radiance,

Just A Thought

What if? ...
It slips off our tongue,
Falls off the tip.

True To Wedding Vows

Pull the red string tight against my wind pipe,
Witness the blood as it slithers away from me,
And lend your ear to attest to my hearts rallentando beat.

So I Stutter

I can think clearly,
But don't do well
When it comes to spelling,
I mean speaking.

To Cope With Death

She had gripped my arm as her fear trailed down her cheeks.
My pillow, soaked, as she leaned into me,
Almost swallowed whole the sob that parted her lips.
Delicately, her breath brushed my shoulder and her hair my chin.

Of Detachment And Insanity

I choked.
As simple as that,
As easy as breathing;
Sometimes easier than.

Not So Much About You

Not at all about you.
Never about you,
Yet somehow… always
About you it seems.

I'm Puerto Rican

I'm Puerto Rican.
I'm not Je-lo, not sweet caramel skin or flowing auburn locks.

I'm sitting in a classroom being told I'm not really Latina.

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