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My name is Rowdy Solomon. I am a poet and I also write short stories. Every once and a while I'll post scriptures and try to provide encouragement to others. If you are interested or know anyone who is interested in poetry or short stories of any kind please feel free to download my Sol Poetry app today! The links are provided below:


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You Pushed Me Away

I woke up on the wrong
Side of the bed this morning
Because it was your side
At least it used to be
Some of the pillows were
Cold as ice just like the
Shoulder you gave me when
You turned your back and said goodbye
I did everything in my power
To keep us together, but it
Only drew us apart
We were like continents drifting
Away from each other slowly
I guess I have to blame myself for
Crying an ocean over you then watching
You float away on my tears
Flowers, candy, chocolates,
Jewelry, cuddling, songs and poems
Just for you and me crying on my knees
Was just not enough...
What was? What could have been?
I guess he just had something I didn't
I wish you the best I guess
But you could have just told me
Instead of making me work so hard
In a no-win situation
Still, I love you enough to let
You keep your reputation
And not tell anyone what you
Did to me
So when people ask me what happened
Between us... all I can say is...
You pushed me away

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Rowdy Solomon Popularity

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