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1. Eventual Death 5/10/2012
2. Misery 10/13/2012
3. My Truth So True 10/13/2012
4. Land On Your Feet 10/13/2012
5. Take More Notice 10/13/2012
6. Angle Of Hope 10/13/2012
7. Blood And Death 10/21/2012
8. Bitter 10/21/2012
9. Devil's Schemes 10/21/2012
10. Send You All My Love 10/21/2012
11. Gone And Done 10/21/2012
12. Grip Your Chains 10/22/2012
13. Heaven's Gate 10/22/2012
14. Nothing Left To Give 5/10/2012
15. My Soul To You I Harden 5/10/2012
16. Fly Free 11/9/2012
17. Heart Space 1/15/2013
18. Have No Say 10/22/2012
19. My Devils Fork 5/10/2012
20. Coming Death 5/10/2012
21. Lose Your Voice 10/22/2012

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Lose Your Voice

I was in misery
With no one to comfort me
You broke me down
Turned my smile into a frown

You scared me deep
Made me feel so dam week
Took my voice so i couldn't speak
Kept me rushed of my clumsy feet

You bullied me and controlled my thinking
God i was even sacred of blinking
You would glare and shout
Then wave those fists about

I was awake when you came in
Not sure how you live a life of sin
You made me feel so sad
But now i see im just so mad

Do you know i see right through,
The shell of a man that makes you - you?
Your ...

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My Soul To You I Harden

In the dark of this cold day
You fall to your knees to pray
The truth is out and said
You're nothing more than dead

You hurt me with your pride -
But now it's your turn to hide
I cowered at your every thought -
But now my freedom I have sought

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