Ruby Mae Heard

Ruby Mae Heard Poems

1. Again The Drink 7/30/2005
2. Someone New, Dont Need You 7/30/2005
3. I Know You Want To Know 11/4/2005
4. Adrian 11/4/2005
5. The Black Widow 11/8/2005
6. Franklin The Spider 11/4/2005
7. Sorry Ed 12/29/2005
8. Chase You 12/29/2005
9. Put Yourself In My Place 1/2/2006
10. Between Sunday And Monday 1/2/2006
11. Remember Me 1/2/2006
12. Butterflies 1/6/2006
13. Another Call (Part I) 12/29/2005
14. Dont Walk Away 1/6/2006
15. Love Is For Mugs 1/2/2006
16. Two Out Of Three Aint Bad 12/29/2005
17. Put To Rest 7/30/2005
18. Wonderful Spider 11/4/2005
19. After The Call (Part 2) 12/29/2005
20. Michael Jackson 1/2/2006
21. Friends Ii 1/3/2006
22. Why I Drank 7/30/2005
23. Forever 12/7/2005
24. Always There 1/3/2006
25. Best Friends 12/7/2005
26. Friends 11/8/2005

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Best Poem of Ruby Mae Heard


How do you know when youve found a true friend?

I'll tell you how
A good friend will bail you out of prison
A true friend will be siiting next to you sayin we screwed up!

A good friend will tell you what you want to hear
A true friend will always tell the truth

A good friend will be there for you all through school
A true friend will be there till the day you die

When you find a true friend you'll know and no matter how much you try you will never loose a true friend because they need you and you need them.

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Best Friends

B-Is for the best of times we had and many more to come
E-Is for everything you have made easier
S-Is for making me smile day-after-day
T-Is for the trust we share

F-Is for the friendship we have
R-Is for the real person you are
I-Is for helping me intake a lot of pain over the years
E-Is for the endless time we talk on the phone

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