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How We Are Wasting Our Life

Life is so wonderful,
But we waste it..
Grudging over the past, fearing for the future,
When there is so much to do in the present.


Life is just a mystery,
Sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet as pastry.
Sometimes the path is made of steep hills,
For crossing it you need deep skills.

Forgiveness-A Virtue

The best gift you can give,
Is to forget and forgive.
Like a mule you carry the burden,
Of the past which had left your life worsen.

Dream Of A Soul

Drown in the ocean of thoughts
Dive in the sea of love
Fly in the sky as a free bird
Drench in the rain of happiness

A Women

She becomes a mother,
When you need love n care.
She becomes a sister,
When you need to oil or brush your hair.

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