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I close my eyes
and think of you
I see you smile
and it helps me too.

Drowning in my inner self,
I've awaken to a new world,
the one I always wanted, the one I never got.


That smile on their faces,
will tell you the truth.
Those quivering lips,
will leave nothing undue.

I hate it when I wake up
and you are in my thoughts.

I hate it when my cell rings

I've asked to my self
over and over again,
Who am I?
Where do i stand?


to know not
is a feeling of hope
is the greatest loss

I wish you'd just let me live
sing and dance and shout carelessly
wouldn't howl on making a mess
on going out and breaking a leg.

i open my eyes
but its still there
that dream from my sleep..
turned into a nightmare..

Past is gone,
never coming back,
present gives hope
and a new place to stand.


alone i weep
alone i cry
alone i bear the lonely night
and alone has left me my shadow; in the lack of light.

Am I Ever Alone?
Coz your shadow's there,
walking past me,
in every sphere.

I walk in the crowd,
alone but with my loneliness.
Smile has abandoned my lips,
I've shattered my dreams away.

I walk this empty street,
I see this stolen dream,
The world has turned its back on me,
and only cheats I see.

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Still You

I close my eyes
and think of you
I see you smile
and it helps me too.

You've changed my life,
helped me to be this.
Ya, I did realize,
you're the one
I always wanna find.

But I've changed my dreams
changed my goals
changed what you knew of me
not the same person anymore.

As fragile as I always was,
I still took a chance
Gave myself to someone
who I knew would never understand.

With every lie of yours
I saw a hope, a ray of light.
even when I know
dreams never come out right.

Pretending in front of the world,
am still the same inside
still dream the same dream
still want you back in my life.

So, when I close my eyes
and think of you
I see my life
Coz, all I see is you.

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