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Come Out

Come out

Come out of the Cage,
Who are you inside my self,
Living as nobody to live,
Come out of my being and
with nothing to say be still,
As pain or Joy be me and mine,
Come out of my heart and be alert,
Who are you inside my head and heart?
Live apart from me becoming me,
With ignorance deep you live beyond,
Come dropping my illiterate mind,
From the pulsating blood and brood,
Be apart coming out of myself,
With alertness deep let me know you,
Like waves in ocean you are one,
I am waving by your strength,
Let me be and become the Be,
Waving and knowing the wave,
As ocean deep and evaporation
of small mind,
Come out from my deepest part
and be me with total identity as Me.
Let me meet my inner Mind.

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Rudra Mondal Popularity

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