Rudyard Kipling

(30 December 1865 – 18 January 1936 / Bombay)

Rudyard Kipling Poems

41. The Comforters 1/3/2003
42. The Legend Of Mirth 1/3/2003
43. The Mare's Nest 1/3/2003
44. The King And The Sea 3/29/2010
45. The Dead King 1/3/2003
46. The Song Of The Sons 12/31/2002
47. The Conundrum Of The Workshops 12/31/2002
48. The Song Of The Women 12/31/2002
49. The Lovers' Litany 1/3/2003
50. The Dutch In The Medway 1/3/2003
51. The Puzzler 1/3/2003
52. The Miracle Of Purun Bhagat 1/3/2003
53. The Long Trail 1/3/2003
54. The Last Rhyme Of True Thomas 12/31/2002
55. The Question 1/3/2003
56. The Destroyers 1/3/2003
57. The Portent 1/3/2003
58. To Wolcott Balestier 12/31/2002
59. The Last Department 1/3/2003
60. Thrown Away 1/3/2003
61. The Mine-Sweepers 1/3/2003
62. The Consolations Of Memory 1/3/2003
63. The Derelict 12/31/2002
64. The Dawn Wind 1/3/2003
65. The Exiles' Line 3/29/2010
66. The Land 1/3/2003
67. The French Wars 1/3/2003
68. The King's Pilgrimage 3/29/2010
69. The King's Task 1/3/2003
70. The Anvil 12/31/2002
71. The City Of Sleep 1/3/2003
72. Three Friends 1/3/2003
73. The Junk And The Dhow 1/3/2003
74. To Motorists 12/31/2002
75. The Ballad Of Jakko Hill 3/29/2010
76. The Absent-Minded Beggar 3/29/2010
77. The King's Ankus 1/3/2003
78. The Cure 1/3/2003
79. The Song Of The Old Guard 12/31/2002
80. The Lesson 1/3/2003

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  • Michael Walker Michael Walker (7/31/2019 8:01:00 PM)

    Kipling traveled a great deal in the world, he saw many cities, and recorded his thoughts in a Diary or poems. The two main countries where he lived were India and England. He knew the British Raj in India from firsthand experience. He honed his craft as a writer by working as a journalist on newspapers.

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  • Michael Walker Michael Walker (7/30/2019 11:26:00 PM)

    The more you read Kipling, and make allowances for his background, the more impressive he is. He had a strong belief in the the British Empire, and traditional values. 'If' is a great poem.
    In his best poems, Kipling is more than a verse writer, which T.S. Eliot claimed he was. He is a true poet. In other poems, he is writing verse rather than poetry, so Eliot is partly right.

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  • Michael Walker Michael Walker (7/27/2019 7:07:00 PM)

    His verse bears the imprint of being raised in India, and it has classical rhyme and meter,
    not in a modern spirit. Even so, I enjoy reading Kipling's poetry.

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Best Poem of Rudyard Kipling


(Soudan Expeditionary Force)

We've fought with many men acrost the seas,
An' some of 'em was brave an' some was not:
The Paythan an' the Zulu an' Burmese;
But the Fuzzy was the finest o' the lot.
We never got a ha'porth's change of 'im:
'E squatted in the scrub an' 'ocked our 'orses,
'E cut our sentries up at Sua~kim~,
An' 'e played the cat an' banjo with our forces.
So 'ere's ~to~ you, Fuzzy-Wuzzy, at your 'ome in the Soudan;
You're a pore benighted 'eathen but a first-class fightin' man;
We gives you your certificate, an' if...

Read the full of Fuzzy-Wuzzy


The People of the Eastern Ice, they are melting like the snow--
They beg for coffee and sugar; they go where the white men go.
The People of the Western Ice, they learn to steal and fight;
They sell their furs to the trading-post; they sell their souls to
the white.
The People of the Southern Ice, they trade with the whaler's
Their women have many ribbons, but their tents are torn and few.
But the People of the Elder Ice, beyond the white man's ken--

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