Ruerd Visser Poems

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Eternal Love

The beauty of a rose
only lasts a while.
However beauty itself
lives on in remembrance

Human Angel

O you human angel,
If only you knew how one look and smile from you
Could enlighten the world, you would never doubt your
angelhood again. But it seems you´re wings

Blessing In Disguise

Do not curse the darkness,
but instead be greatfull
like a tiny seed cherished
by the dark earth.

Breaking The Ties That Bind Us

We will continue to live in a world of hurt,
for as long as we insist on hurting those
that have caused hurt.
Harm is going to come our way,

God Is Everywhere

God is everywhere
in each and everyone of us.
And the beating of the heart,
is his sound voice.

Valentine Early Edition

I love you like a star,
whoms light traveled
o so far.
And yet you reached my heart,


Tree song

Gently the wind strokes the trees,
as a flutist his flute.

The Realm Of The Spirit

Jesus the lord of light,
Came to enlighten the whole world.
One heart at the time.
He trew a spark that would

Love Is............

Love is the only thing that is real.
Like nothing else she is able to
transcend all and to shape love itself.
For she is everything and without her

Angels In Disguise

Aren´t we angels in disguise?
Yet without wings and robe
we feel unaware of our angelhood.
But reclaim your wings

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