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Far above the endless skies,
A mass of lights await our eyes.

In history they told the tales

This rain,
It drenches me;
But I do not give a care.
As it soaks through my heavy coat,

Sitting in an empty restaurant;
Everyone has left.

Gazing through an unclear window;

The purity among the choir
Among the saints and angels
Tainted by the blood and fire
Singing tunes to Liar's lyre

Ripped apart by last July
Regretting the expected
Blinding the All-Seeing Eye
Hiding from the sky

White had a dream
Of paradise and promise
The future of mankind
Now six feet underground

The brink of insanity has lost its edge
Leaving none in whom can confide
Stability's home; the receding ledge
Balancing act of precarious pledge

Vast expanse of absolution
Universe of superiority
Life is Hell
Truth is Death

Self-righteous saints lead sinless lives
Or so the saying goes
Hesitating to survive
Seeking out who can revive

Theories hanged and executed
Love is...
Beliefs are traced back and uprooted
Voice of absolution muted

Black knows blood is the colour of Love
The birth of death, the cycle of pain
White transcends Hell like a dove
The beacon of hope renewed above

Everybody's waiting
For the next death
To prove time

What substance is this
That makes up absence of Light

The sky is crying.
Tears pelt the empty city;
The trees shake it off.

Taking a stroll in the rain
With no set destination.
Time is not accounted for.

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I only write poetry for school assignments; except for a series of poems I'm creating called 'White'. This series expresses my innermost thoughts and musings. I'm not done it yet because I'm waiting for a revelation as inspiration for White X. The wording sucks, but poetry is about expressing passion through words, so whatever. Also, keep in mind that I wrote them in about 5-10 minutes each. Anyways, I'm 17 and I believe in absolute truth in every circumstance. I believe poetry and music should be monumental, and just so you know I don't feel that my submitted poems meet this standard (as Deidara from Naruto says: 'It's in that fleeting moment of grandeur that I see true art.') I don't especially enjoy writing poetry.)

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Above The Endless Skies

Far above the endless skies,
A mass of lights await our eyes.

In history they told the tales
Of many anicient heroes hailed.

Confined to infinity,
Places we will never be.

They live and die and start again,
An endless cycle with no end.

They grant our wishes as they fall,
A beacon and a hope to all.

Though from afar they seem so small,
Colossal is their size.
Larger than the Earth we crawl,
Above the endless skies.

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Rupert Park Popularity

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