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God, are you ever lonely?
Father, are you sometimes sad?
Do you wish you
Touch a heart and make it glad?

Love's Way

Like a river, God's love flows down
From higher hills, through the heart streams
Like a torrent, it seeks to pound
Through tightened valves, through broken seams,

Finding And Being Found!

I feel light and airy,
flying like a fairy;
Free from all burden of guilt;
Free from walls I've built.


We are always in the process
of either building up or tearing down.
Whether we destroy or create
depends on the direction of our gaze.

Ruth C. Webb Comments

Paul Webb 12 November 2004

Good poetry. It is good to read poetry that insightfully reflects on God's infinite, yet personal goodness. Hmmm, we have the same last name. I wonder if we are related.

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