Ruth warren Poems

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Ten Roses

For every tear you cry,
I cry a hundred thousand more,

I'll give you ten roses,

Alone So Alone

I hang my head in my burning palms,
tears sting against my soul, searching
for the calm. Heartaches like never
before, broken, so lonely and torn.

This Little Girl

She huddles against the dirty wall
hugging it ever so tight;
hopeing that he will choose not to do
the things, he did last night.

Just A Girl

I'm just a girl, a hopeless case.
Living in the world a familier place.

I'm just a girl, with tears in her eyes.

Angel In Disguise

You're my angel in disguise
You read my soul with your eyes
Your spirit has entered my heart
And it's my hope we never part

Against The Wall

Her Mother is in the kitchen,
whistling a happy tune;
but a frown appears upon her face,
when the child enters the room.

Who Can Stop The Rain

Huddled in a corner, her eyes
opened wide;
sits a little girl, trying to

Words Of A Poet

With a few well placed words

I can sweep you off of your feet


Depression envelopes my being,
its' tenticles wrapped tightly around,
my mind and heart, dark and confused,
as it pulls me towards the ground.

You Scare Me

Here i am wondering what to do.
Wondering just exactly how i feel about
you. (You scare me)
Testing the water before i jump in

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