Ryan C. Walker Poems

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Autumn My Dear

Autumn my dear!
Thy winds are cool and sharp
And are mine to embrace

All In Green My Love Went Riding

All in green my love went riding, four lean hounds
crouched low and smiling; riding upon a great gold
horse into the silver dawn. She ventured far ahead, an amazon
princess, flanking four lean hounds; my love struck the path.

Another Pact

It has been quite long enough Ezra Pound
Long have I read and imitated you
I come to you now as a child grown round
With many a lesson turned one anew

Ode To One Who Is Injured

Some scholars say, that the city of no compare
Is greatest in April. In the time fools find fairest,
I found it in your blondest life, an April Paris
In Autumn Fall, at the least of all, a differed share

The Farmer And The Fox

The Farmer spoke to the Winter'd Fox,
"The bane of my existence will meet it's demise
Perhaps by the tip of my arrow's blunt despise
To rid the land of this horrid pox."

Well-Met Dearest

In Autumn least of all
Stranger things have occurred

Within the Mountain Flowers
Granted, their May is long gone,
And the long Autumn'd hours
Are nigh upon their evening dawn

Lover's Words

Spring has known many a lover's words,
Their vows, their promises, have gone unabated
Their love decayed, once their yearning had been sated
Taking their flowers, their bees and birds

Love And Sorrow

You are quite the magnificent illness
Swollen with love and sorrow in my heart
Smiling at the day's stark, steady, stillness
Beautifully torn apart at your start

Palace Of Autumn Dawn & Dusk

Grandad's Fox

"Do not mistake the fox for wise my dear, "
The old man drawled to his granddaughters' honey'd ears
"He may be clever; he may be smart; without fear,
But he is young, and goes by what he hears."

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