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final exams-

wolves roam the dark woods

spruce boughs
his aching back

On a creaking chair
and swinging lift,
the quiet light on white
in the graying dusk.

What we’re doing
makes no sense.
I can’t even
read the scorecard

The snow leopard settles

in stillness.

On the steam-driven Potsdam,
my grandmother and three children
brave souls timidly entered the steerage
lugging in a trunk all they own,

he answers her questions—
beads of perspiration
on his upper lip

When I dwell upon death
casting aside all here and now,
and tremble at what may come
if grace and time disappear.


When I leave,
gather my dust
and scatter it
on the sooty wings

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Mike Kozubek is an attorney, author, and teacher. His poem “Arrival, New York,1909” is the lead poem in the Journal Of Modern Poetry 15. Other poems have been appeared in Frogpond, A Hundred Gourds, Prune Juice, bottle rockets and The Valentine’s Day Anthology.)

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Final Exams

final exams-

wolves roam the dark woods

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