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The feel of Affection

Makes me closer to you

They are swallowing me

Slowly Slowly, I drop out.

The cosmos around me

Flows as a swing.

You came

I grinned

You, ...

The wings of love



Your impenetrable eyes

I See

The golden lights sparkle

In the desi abandon

I discern the wet.


I ought-to see ur eyes

I ought-to smell ur fetid sweat

Look as the crow flies

Be on your feet gallantly

Don't laugh, but smile

Dont speak, but talk

Some makes me sad

Some makes me annoyed

The tinies grew

It began to find its way

I see you in the dark

In the middle of stars

I don't know who you are

I don't know your cast or religion


I am tired of this mess

How could I solve and take rest?

Can I know who am to you?

Can I know how you feel about me?

When your thoughts

be a branch of tree

Lassie, you be stronger
through honest feelings
and bad timings

Leave those bad days

Move from the good memories

The Best Poem Of Saatwika Dhilip


The feel of Affection

Makes me closer to you

The charm you give me

Makes me fortunate.

The trust you give me

Make me well pleased.

The way you understand me

Makes me relaxed

This tenderness give me contentment.

-Saatwika Dhilip

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