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Hey! I can't breathe officer!
That's not the weight of thy knees;
The weight of pride and arrogance
The load of white on coloured skin

Some may agree
Some would certainly disagree
A few would bunk off and scurry
Some may try to wink and bury

I wish not to find it under the trees
No! Never behind the walls
of decorated Monasteries
Church, Gurudwara, or Temple Mount

There is a breakneck competition
To be decorated as good or great
With some self maneuvered projected traits
Synchronous moves are made asynchronous

There comes a time…!
When nothing Disturbs one any more
Seasonal changes or social upheavals
Hypocrite ruler or helpless populace

When you are engulfed in hopelessness
And the darkness frightens all around
Don't lose your heart!
Stop a while to look back

Sweetness of love so sweet to say
To repel all darkness afar yesterday
The air fills with a captivating fragrance
Of passion, of pleasure and of romance

On the vast canvas of Eulogy
Amid riot of complex colours
Million claps and noxious traps
Equivocal gestures of appreciation

I wanted to Sink In your love
Never knew…
There was venom on your lips


Pain has no language
some bury it within
some allow it to flow
along the streams of tears

If you wish so I would do
All that you would never be able to
Speak, whisper, shout or bleat
Am your silent mate, I can write!


Love has been a force of change to reckon with
As it teaches one perhaps more about life
Giving hope and something to look forward to
Than anything else one ever could.

The secret to success is secret itself
Keep it close to your breast
Unseen, Unsung, Unheard...
Till you are surprised

A poet is, a mythical 'Tiresias'
To stand between poles,
Like a seasonal bird singing,
Tunes of changing winds,


There is a desire for happiness
You, me or they, on different terms
No wonder! If one doesn't
To harness the possibilities

To greet the Day I was out there
With The Morning sun as it smiled
On every bud and blooms
Flanked by the humming of the bees

This has never been my motto
To wait for the storm to pass by
with the wings of an eagle
A heart and feet of the Peacock

Unruly children are parental headaches,
The job is bit simple if a child
It can be convinced or beaten by brow
If required, and as per wish

With a pleasant smile on lips
I asked the early dawn
How to reach the peace hub?
It turned its back with weird answer

At times shadows of self frightens
A thought of some unimaginable incident
An unforgiving consequence looms large
It's when you get assured of

Sachidananda Panda Biography

Dr. Panda is currently working as an Associate professor [English] in XIM University Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. An avid learner, a Poet & Philosopher, published many articles in National and International Journals in the field of literature and other areas of Humanities. His Poems are aimed at revealing the core contours of life and carry motivational and realistic undertones.He holds different prestigious positions as editorial board member of several Journals both National and International in the field of literature and multi disciplinary publications. He is known for his oratory and is a most sought after public speaker on matters of social concern.)

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I Can't Breathe!

Hey! I can't breathe officer!
That's not the weight of thy knees;
The weight of pride and arrogance
The load of white on coloured skin
Hey! Officer... I can't breathe!

Leave me free officer, I can't bear!
Behind The cloak of Color, I wear
My heart is clean …
Hey!' unable to breathe!

I was painted dark
As per the supreme will
To which, you know officer...!
Neither had I a choice to opt for
Nor did I ever subscribe
It's too much officer… I can't breathe

Don't you see your Jesus, under thy knees?
The One you pray, in a silent edifice.
Hear His call, from my screaming voice
That writhes on ground, under your belt
Feel my pulse Officer! And in it thy Jesus
Moments from here, perhaps!
I would stop to plead or yell
Look at my face that's turning pale

Loosen the belt of primacy white
Fasten the knots of sane humanity
Tell me please! What's wrong with me?
Hey officer...! Don't you hear?
I can't breathe...!

©sachi-4th Jun-2020

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