Sagarika Julka

Sagarika Julka Poems

1. Incomplete 12/13/2011
2. Death 12/30/2011
3. The Breaking Of 'We' 1/11/2012
4. Love And Pain 1/22/2013
5. Spaces 1/31/2013
6. Let Me Ask You 7/10/2014
7. The Tin Box 7/10/2014
8. Am I Doing Fine? 7/10/2014
9. A Happy New Year! 2012 12/30/2011
10. Delusion 12/17/2011
11. Love 1/6/2012
12. Memory Lane 1/19/2012
13. Metamorphosis 12/9/2011
14. For The Sake Of Love 5/5/2013
15. The Big-Little Girl 2/23/2012
16. Solitude 1/27/2012
Best Poem of Sagarika Julka


I saw just a glimpse of him,
Dark and handsome, noble as a king;

I saw, just a glimpse of him,
Behind a window with tinted film;

His eyes spoke of a promise,
Deeper than a lusting kiss.

I saw, just a glimpse of him
Like a fragment of a surreal dream;

I whispered softly, ‘what is thy name’?
And he signed it on the window pane,

I drew out a mirror, to reveal the truth,
His name spelled out as ‘SOLITUDE’

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A Happy New Year! 2012

Another number becomes history soon.
A little change in the digits is that all?
To make a heap of happenings doom,
In the pool of past, only to recall?
Every time this happens as it should,
The counting starts and stops at a dozen,
A part of the sociological cycle, ever since childhood;
Yet the mortal pains of letting go, goes on.
Habits I guess are the worst of addictions,

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