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The one who cares for you
Her complete self she shares for you.
Her heart always aches for you.
Every struggle she takes for you.

I: You are not like others.
You: How?
I: Others might be precious metals, stones or pearls but you...
You: Yes what about me, am I not precious?

Awkwardly or not
Never understands my soul
Informal-formal relationships
Being informal

World Heart Day

My heart yearned to connect to yours
I spared no effort

Never hurt a poetess!
For she won't harm you back
But her lesion will not cure
Her thoughts would twist the knife

Sleep but not deep
Mind awake but not complete
Control of muscles
Not in my control

No matter what you say and show
The truth very much, I do know
With me, you cherish to talk
Side by side, you want to walk

0Narcissus and Narcissist

I looked all around
For something to allure me

Cascade of Kindness
(For My daughter Khadija on her birthday)

Never an act of kindness

If You...

Why do you want to go?
I love you, many a times I told you so

If we all are the jailbirds of others' espionage
I defy their catches and be al large
If their opinions try to contain us,
I dump their judgments and set myself free I don't care what they think of me!

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Asthetic ?? Logophilic ?? Mathaholic ?? Bibliophile ?? Dendrophile ??Astrophile ? Thalassophile ?? Or just a Lover? Writing is my addiction!)

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The one who cares for you
Her complete self she shares for you.
Her heart always aches for you.
Every struggle she takes for you.
The sufferings with a smile, she bears for you,
Just to keep away, all fears from you.
You dont say a word, yet she listens to you
She is the one who even virtues to sin for you!
What scares her, hiding deep down for you.
And all the times, she dares for you.
She starts her day, ends for you,
All her life she spends for you.
Ceases to be her own self for you,
A new self of hers is just reborn for you!

Saima Qureshi ©️

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Expression Being Silent doesn't mean that you don't want to talk, it's just you don't find right medium to talk with and when you find, you speak your heart out! Saima Qureshi ©️

Why am I always thinking about everyone else? Why do I forget that it's never too late to discover myself? Saima Qureshi ©️

You must believe in love and be able to trust otherwise life becomes chessboard. Saima Qureshi ©️

Whatever be, everyone seeks someone who listens with mindfulness and without prejudice to them and hold their secrets. When you find such a person your silence finds words. You just speak your heart out. You draw the curtain off your sad and happy yesterdays. You share your depress and booming todays.You reveal your anxious and confident tomorrows. Everything becomes worth sharing with the beholder and there remain no hesitancy,  no fear,  no secrets, no lies, no shame.... Because you know that person is your secret keeper and will bury your words deep down not to be dug out. #MywordsOnMycanvas Saima Qureshi ©️

Earn money for good living, do not live to earn good money! Saima Qureshi ©️

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