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Go kiss her from her forehead to her feet
Let this poor heart
in you
become courageous

With all odds
against us
Our heart in love
is always young

I will be
the first warmth of sun
Kissing you tenderly
hugging you tightly

Do all you can to console me.
Make your words rich
As butter and chocolate.
Intoxicate me with your

True love
begins with the eye,
grows in the heart,
and blooms in our

In you I find my childhood friend
Leaving you is thirsting without water
Kissing the locks of your hair
I am bewildered

As lovers in my dreams we meet
With every breath I feel you
My heart yearns to see you again
No other treasure I seek

I secretly loved you for so long
My love
You gave me new life

Lover of my dream,
come meet me
in the garden
where each heart

They search for atonement and find it not.
They dig into the esoteric texts
memorize them
but do not see the garden.

She comes and looks deep
into my eyes
Her beautiful majestic eyes
mesmerizing me

Oh what a beautiful
moment it is,
Eyes overwhelmed
by the serene, exquisite

In this river of wine
I love my love with love
Never known before

I no more hear the noises
This all has become so sweet
I no more see the pain
You raised me up from the dead

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Go Kiss Her

Go kiss her from her forehead to her feet
Let this poor heart
in you
become courageous
Look how lovely, how lovely she is

Now you are ready, my friend
now you know
You bring love with love
You make love with love
Love knows no desperation
Love knows no boundaries
no limitation

You have charted the earth well
on the surface of her skin
with your beloved by your side
hand in hand
lips to lips
to the glorious birth
of a new love

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Salil Jha Popularity

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