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Things Aren'T 4eva

This poem is about loosing my old home i wrote it when i was 16
my dad had to sell the house and this is how i felt and still feel today about it

in the poem there might be a few things you don' understand so i'll explain the part about my evil aunt mary she came to help get the house ready to be sold and made my life and my last memories h*ll

The part about getting off the taxi
the taxi was the school mini bus we had lots of fun going to school and home in it.

here is the poem

You think somethings forever
You soon realize its not
You think your life is over because
You are loosing the place you love a lot

Change is different and its scary
Your life was ruined buy your evil aunt mary
Before she came up your life was good
Now your always in a sad mood

You have people to talk to
But you still feel alone
No one understands what it is like
Loosing your home

You were sweet sixteen
When you left your home
Dad was moving and
You'd be all alone

There is a tear in your eye as you say goodbye
Getting of the taxi for the very last time
You tell everyone that you are great and fine
But your not inside it hurts alot

As you wake up in the night
You remember glenmore when it was cold and white
You remember the fun times you'd had
Some were good some were bad

Now your home has gone
You've left everyone
You feel so sad
Glenmore is the best home
You have ever had

You will be back
You will return
You'll get back you home in time
And you will be fine
Glenmore is where you belong

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