Sam Riviere Poems

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Dream Poem

I know what you're thinking
it's dull unless they're sex dreams
dreams about violent murders
mine are pretty banal

The Sweet New Style

she looks out of her
photos let's call her emma
with a mute appeal that might
mean something like 'whenever

Year of the Rabbit

there is no purer form of advertising
than writing a poem
that's what the monk told me
if I were a conceptual artist

The Council of Girls

Today I stand before you
uncertain of my guilt
of what I am accused
or should say sorry for

Personal Statement

hi i should like to have the answers
to shall we say certain questions
and to wake up certain of directions
and a levelness of breathing and

My Face Saw Her Magazine

across the moonscapes of skateparks you are 13 yrs old
& no longer allowed to play with boys / on platform 6
wearing your amazing cape you are not in fact you
but someone else / while I'm a guy who mishears lyrics


I dated mostly police.
I hated coastal solace.
In navy posts I flourished.
I inflate the cost of polish.

The Expendables 2

For Sam Donsky
The airport where all movies end:
the scenery's mobile, the people too
(the people want to be moved),

In Praise of the Passivity of Paper

I felt suddenly convinced that I had feelings for the wallpaper.
I was especially captivated by its blonde hair and bad dreams.
I had the impression the wallpaper needed longer to properly 
By the time I left, my affections had produced this abrasion on my cheek.


When I'm feeling unsure or upset
I get drunk and give myself a haircut
after midnight in poor light
with the smallest mirror I can come by

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