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A Wish

When I wish upon a star
I wish and wish upon that star
I wish that one day I could return home
Home is where the heart is

The Day Was Gloomy

Smile For Miles

Smile now. Smle for miles.
Smile how? Smile when a frown
Turns upside down.
Smile when your sad

To Say Goodbye

Where do I turn?
Where do I go?
Can I know when I get there?
I want to know I want to feel


The world around me is closing in
No way to win
Like walking in a tunnel
Feels more like a funnel

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I grew up in a not so good adopted home. I was abused and treated no better than a dog. My brothers and sisters and I were all adopted together but as we grew up and began to have personalities of our own we were all split up into different homes and lives. I was eventually put in a facility for teens until I was eighteen years old at which time I ...

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