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The electricity
Of my village
Used to go
With the rain,


A few words alighted
on the branches
of my hesitations
as I spotted her.

At the expense of

A graveyard

Throw up your emotions a moment
So that I may catch
The profile of your dreams
Etched in the well of your heart

I took a brush
And colours of course
This morning, as I do daily,
To paint the rest of your heart


With its own
Sensitive territories

The residue
Of veiled joy
Floating secretly

The darkest picture
Ever drawn
With the tint of solitude


The color
Dropped into
The canvas
Of life


I dream a Fall
As countless bits

'Green is not a colour
Its my breath', said the leaf.

'Red is not a symbol

Once upon a time
There lived a number of buttons
In my shirts

Off and on
The distant relative
Of a fading memory
May visit us on a canoe

The skin
Of the kitchen
Began to grow
Until it became

Life is withering away
Like an afternoon MA classroom
Few of its colours linger still
Terrified by the internals

Sameer Mecheri Biography

Sameer Mecheri is a Lecturer in the Department of English of Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady, Kerala. He is a person from the Malabar region of Kerala, India. He has published poems in Malayalam in his Facebook account following a different pattern of publishing.)

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The Rain And The Electricity

The electricity
Of my village
Used to go
With the rain,
Whenever the rain called her-
They were in love.

It seems
They are married-
No call of the rain
tempts her now.

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