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Inside Us! !

Inside us we carry that parallel self

A burial vault without any delf


A name well-known to West
And celebrated pride for East
Great warrior named Saladin
Was nemesis for crusades, world agrees

Self Reliance

A naïve little girl
Always shy and scared
Hard knocks of life tamed her well
Self-reliant now and fully prepared.

I Am Enough! !

I remind myself constantly
That learning from mistakes is a rare ability.

Have that strength to overcome trials

Peace In Chaos! !

Release the past, Keep your present
Wisdom is to take things the way they're meant.
Without altering their course
Very pure, very whole, like the source.

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22 March 2018

'Poetry is like a bird, it ignores all frontiers.'

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Rida Khan 10 September 2012

Nice poems, loved most of them, keep sharing the good work :)

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'We write to taste life twice..'
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