Samithree Rajapaksha Poems

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You And I

We are floating through different
Planes in this world of illusion
And tell me why
Once you showed that face of lies

The Life.......

Life is not a matter of
Where we going to be
Life is just a matter of
Flashes that pass through

The Best Is Yet To Comeā€¦.

What sorrows that buried with
What laughter that left behind
What thoughts that never had
I still believe the best is yet to come

The Silence

Staring at so far
Standing next to me
Holding those arms
To walked me so far

Please Don'T...

Please don't stare at me
Don't even look at me
Don't make my feelings strayed
In those days I laughed a lot

Maths In Life

Life is a game have to run by the brain
Elapse it little by little with a spiritual soul
Differentiate by the subject of while
May define the way to the destiny

Plaintive Memories

Somewhere near deep in my soul
In a place where hard to recall
Memories safe by means of a mole
Are buried with the tears as a whole

Dream Land

Perfumed season which stretches its limbs
Embellish the dreamed of joy that spills
Cloudless sky cuddled those mountain hills
To dispel the distance between awning fills

Graves In The Grassland

The glistening childhood once I've passed
Places and flashes that held and processed
The cries and laughters made those days
Not just memories haunting with the past

The Wish.....

It was just a single wish
I have always madly wished
Nothing but a naive sense
Every soul sought to get moved

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