Sammy S. Quence

Sammy S. Quence Poems

1. I Miss You 5/9/2009
2. Never Fail To Fall 5/9/2009
3. What Is Death To You? 5/9/2009
4. Dreams Of My Fairytale 5/9/2009
5. Forever Be One 5/10/2009
6. Wolf In The Moon 5/10/2009
7. The Wings And A Feather 5/10/2009
8. Glory To The King 5/10/2009
9. No More 5/10/2009
10. You Will Be Safe 5/10/2009
11. My Blood 5/10/2009
12. I'Ve Seen The Man 5/9/2009
13. Our Hearts Will Always Be One 5/9/2009
14. I Used To Be Someone 6/11/2009
15. Rain, Soul, Peace, Home 6/11/2009
16. What Is The Point To You? 6/11/2009
17. Death Waltz 6/11/2009
18. The Vain Of Blood 6/11/2009
19. All Around Us 6/11/2009
20. Mercy Please 6/11/2009
21. Our Evenings Together 6/11/2009
22. In The Moon 6/11/2009
23. Girl In The Corner 6/11/2009
24. One Way Avenue 6/11/2009
25. Will You Still Be Wiling To Come Here With Me Tonight? 6/11/2009
26. I Know I Can Do This 6/30/2009
27. Count Down To Misery 6/11/2009
28. Dry 6/11/2009
29. One-100 To One 6/30/2009
30. Evil Alone 6/11/2009
31. Blood Is My Thirst 6/11/2009
32. This Is My Summerland 5/10/2009
33. Soul Crusher, Lover, Killer 5/9/2009
34. Our Time 6/11/2009
35. What She Means To Me 6/30/2009
36. The Rain, O Lord, One More Time Let Me Hear You Say 5/9/2009
37. This Is Your Legacy 5/11/2009
38. Dead As Can Be 5/9/2009
39. You Make Me Cry, When I Look Into Your Eyes, Why? 5/9/2009
40. Time Time Time 5/9/2009
Best Poem of Sammy S. Quence

My Promise To You And Me Forever

If I knew, how and Why
Then I would, have Tried
And I would, have sucseeded, already.
But I guess, I just don't know that
One day I'll be running back to find you
Hoping that you'll accept me back, again.
But if you don't, I won't give up trying
You can find me where we first met.
I'll be sitting there waiting for you
In till I die from being lonley
Or the world just comes to an end
But my heart and soul will always be with you.
Till the day that I die and burn away to nothing
I will always be trying to find you again.
Always keeping your memory and ...

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I'Ve Seen The Man

I've seen the man
The man they all talk about
The man they laugh with
I've seen the man
The man they want to be with
The man they want to be a part of
I've seen the man
The man that they all love
The man that they all joke about, and with

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