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I am a student, a writer and an editor.I love writing poems and short stories.I edit and write short stories for my fellowship weekly bulletin, The Divine Apogee, and I am an editor of The Shuttle, a journal of the department of English, University of Lagos.

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To My First Beard

Gradually they appeared
Tiny lustre black diamonds on my chin
A ne plus ultra of God's divine beauty on man
They appeared like the dark silken hair of a beautiful maiden
And they won my heart's medal
They're like the naive hair of a newly born
So beautiful that my mirror became my eyes
I appellated them My Black Beauties
An adornment of facial handsomeness
A hallmark of admiration; noticed and envied by many
They made young ladies to wonder in lust or maybe love
My aesthetic Black Beauties; so adoring and alluring
Stunningly curled up like glossy black thread
A signal of growth, maturity and responsibility
Adulations to the Eternal Potter for a job well done.

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Samuel Oluwatobi Olatunji Popularity

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