Sandra Cisneros

(1954 / Chicago, Illinois)

Sandra Cisneros Poems

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1. I Am On My Way to Oklahoma to Bury the Man I Nearly Left My Husband For 3/12/2016
2. Black Lace Bra Kind of Woman 3/12/2016
3. Loose Woman 7/23/2016
4. You Called Me Corazón 7/23/2016
5. Perras 7/23/2016
6. With Lorenzo at the Center of the Universe 7/23/2016
7. Tú Que Sabes de Amor 7/23/2016
8. Arturito the Amazing Baby Olmec Who is Mine by Way of Water 7/23/2016
9. Old Maids 7/23/2016
10. My Wicked Wicked Ways 7/23/2016
11. Good Hotdogs 7/23/2016
12. Bay Poem from Berkeley 7/23/2016
13. Love Poem For a Non-Believer 7/23/2016
14. You Bring Out The Mexican In Me 7/23/2016
15. Mexican in France 7/23/2016
16. One Last Poem For Richard 7/23/2016
17. Cloud 3/12/2016
Best Poem of Sandra Cisneros


"If you are a poet, you will see clearly that there is a cloud
floating in this sheet of paper."—Thich Nhat Hanh

Before you became a cloud, you were an ocean, roiled and
murmuring like a mouth. You were the shadow of a cloud
crossing over a field of tulips. You were the tears of a
man who cried into a plaid handkerchief. You were a sky
without a hat. Your heart puffed and flowered like sheets
drying on a line.

And when you were a tree, you listened to trees and the tree
things trees told you. You were the wind in the wheels of a
red bicycle. You ...

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You Called Me Corazón

That was enough
for me to forgive you.
To spirit a tiger
from its cell.

Called me corazón
in that instant before
I let go the phone
back to its cradle.

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