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Never have I drawn or painted
though I regard my body as my instrument
With it and voice expressionism I create

3 Poems: You Cant Always Get What You Want

3 poems: You Cant Always Get What You Want
AND But You Can Try
AND You Get What You Need

Winter Born And Live

Some people enter the world
to indigo skies,
the sun beams
on their blessed souls


ya know
my frog
not quite a prince

Comment Whore, I Should Be Vainly Ashamed

I admit
I am addicted
Vain and shallow
like a comment vixen

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Idris Elasha 25 January 2010

This poem reminded me of the saying that: 'Poetry is a spoken painting, and painting is a silent poetry'.It's really artistry.No word superfluous.Though don't you think that 'medium' is more apt than 'instrument'. Resist the death of poetry! !

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