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Never have I drawn or painted
though I regard my body as my instrument
With it and voice expressionism I create

Some people enter the world
to indigo skies,
the sun beams
on their blessed souls

ya know
my frog
not quite a prince

Me the Feminine
Gents rushing to open doors
Lipstick on my coffee cup
View diamond shod ear in the rear view mirror

Tired of words

Do Not Kip Tonight
While you sleep
I write
In the relative quiet of the night

Fidelity and virginity are twins
Once taken they cannot return
Careful consideration should be taken
before fidelity is spurn

Can I be a phenomenal woman
as Maya Angelo's poem boasts?
Can I step into those shoes,
even the littlest of her toes

Talk dirty to me because
ya know even though
I am not supposed to
I like that

female sexual dysfunction
this is a 'malady' where a lady
can get one at any point of the day
without a sexual thought, it comes

I need to lay in your arms in our big lovely bed
1000 thread count of supple crimson comfort
resting, playing, watching, talking, staying in together
I feel safe to be wrapped in your sexual agape love

I’m not a poet
I just mess with words
I like to get them to be punny or outrageously absurd
Often they are simple, plain superlative

So your the smart type
bookish in every right.
In science they created a letter
before A to give you a grade.

Well they kissed its official
they preacher pronouce it done
He has a tiger by the tail

She Breathed
for only a while
every breath like vaporours rubies

My Joy You Cannot Squish
I am a joyful being, some say I have too much of it
I love a smile, a joke, a gag, smirk of irony,
the ache of a well laughed tummy

click of heals
Curve of skirt
Toss of hair
Sway of girth

I am a lady, sir!

Who the hell do you think you are?
I am a woman of good repute,

I married into knowing
the most adorable man
I would ever meet.
My husbands father.

$175 an hour to rant
All I get is “how do you feel about that? ”
I think I just spent a 175
telling you how I feel

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Never have I drawn or painted
though I regard my body as my instrument
With it and voice expressionism I create

can you teach me to paint
your body in ecstasy?

You can be my canvas
I will work your beauty
to a colorful blush of orgasmic gism

Upon your manly vessel and heavenly chest
I will blend the paints with my tongue
until one color flows into another
as a breathing kaleidoscope

Then you can push into me
press your canvas upon mine

While you paint I will scream a symphony
and teach you the melody rhythm
of my painted instrument

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Idris Elasha 25 January 2010

This poem reminded me of the saying that: 'Poetry is a spoken painting, and painting is a silent poetry'.It's really artistry.No word superfluous.Though don't you think that 'medium' is more apt than 'instrument'. Resist the death of poetry! !

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