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My name is Sandra Regan. I was born and raised in San Francisco, California. I've surfed the Pacific Ocean, was a lifeguard and a swim teacher for years. I have a degree from San Francisco State University and was an avid protestor against Apartheid and for needy people. I still love nature, I'm a total Francophile, I play the violin and viola in an orchestra and a symphonic metal band. I like to think I bring joy and beauty to the people I meet and hope you like my poetry.

Sandra Regan Poems

The Perfect Day

We had morning coffee,
we had a morning walk,
pictures on phones,
and a daylong talk.

So High

Do you want to do it?
I'm not sure, I say, 'yes.'
Vortex swirling below.
Every inch closer says DO IT.

Do Me Again

Late at night we meet again.
It's the life of a musician.
Face the fact, I'm making my move.
Evening will bring hands that soothe.

Kiss It Goodbye

Last 12 months, a year to forget.
Every tear, every prayer, each failed bet.
Time to move on, time to let go.
Sky sets quick, head hung low.

Playing The Violin!

Are you ready? Hold it with your chin.
This is a game that you will win.
It won't be easy, now stand up straight.
Come on now, I know your fate.

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