Sandy Player

Sandy Player Poems

1. The Sheep Gang 2/1/2013
2. Future-Zero 3/2/2013
3. The Waiting Rooms Fish Tank 4/13/2013
4. Pure Dripping Pure 12/30/2013
5. Glass Ball 4/9/2013
6. To My Voice 12/30/2013
7. Corner Stone 1/26/2014
8. Child's Sleep 3/9/2013
9. In The Graves 2/14/2013
10. Long Sable Torch 2/22/2013
11. Burnt Salt 2/16/2013
12. Red World 2/1/2013
13. Doctor's Smoke Jar 2/1/2013
14. Moth-Eaten Mouths 2/2/2013
15. Lynch 2/14/2013
16. Down The Drain 2/25/2013
17. My Love Is A Red, Red Pool 9/4/2013
18. A Tree Can'T Sing 9/4/2013
19. Mouse Trapped 3/2/2013
20. Left Alone For Another Lifetime 4/20/2013
21. Strawberry Typhoon 2/24/2013
Best Poem of Sandy Player

Strawberry Typhoon

It tastes sweet,
A syrupy figure of strawberry juice
Spiralling like a typhoon in the glass,
Tastes sweet as I kiss the rim
Into the corners of my mouth like
Two blunt knives.
I used to play a little with
The pills before hiding them away in me
One by one but
I crack the packets open this time
Like Christmas crackers
And take a suprise bomb; a bad joke.
The back of my mouth and the top of my throat
Wave on the first green coated hero
And the second doesn't stick either
But the next go in
As commandos whose cover is blown;
Like the poisonous...

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They lead him on,
Black wool lamb up the brown-green stepped hill
To the crookèd tree that
Bends with broken body.
The ghost silhouettes,
Illuminated hotly red by hatreds fire,
Stand around in circle,
Chanting out of sync.

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