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The day i was six, met a mishap unknown,
with a drizzling passage of pattern to be known!

Winter of today is frozen.

chilling, thrilling, pinching

The day you loose your truffel around
And things seems to be going down and down
Then don't hold and sit around just fair
Because it's the time to beware!

My day begins with a norm tic..toc..

who else it would be other than my Mom!

Beneath, the land

my soul is in sleep

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SANIA has done her schooling from KSA and higer education from NEW DELHI...presently doing bachelor's in BIOTEHNOLOGY from NEW DELHI I was always found of writing poems, , , at any instances when i fell like expressing my feeling to the world, then there is just me with my thoughts pen down on papers... my younger sister inspire me more to write as we shares the same intrests ;) apart of poetry i love singing, sports, and photgraphy.. According to her view poetry is a reflection of your image to others...the real secrets which your mind even dont know reflects in your words... ''poetry is a song of your's sung by others'')

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A Mishap

The day i was six, met a mishap unknown,
with a drizzling passage of pattern to be known!

a car which have a family of five.....
me, my parents and the two the sisters on side

Everything have changed within in a blink of an eye,
the hustle-bustle of the family of five

A disastorous accident we met within a while
and so were the seats above, the wheels seems to be very high...

The car with rolling-falling of two three jerks,
A small hand down the whole car, with the other harsh wound on the head apart!

The locale was misery for all of us! ! !
A nine bean rows and a pitty lurch

Swiftly aroses the hands of help swing,
Everyone seems to be now and then a kith & kin!

Then acry and weep knotted atlast of a littel girl,
Who has her head chiseld of shape 'L'....

Hurried down the ma'mma tp the hospital without any shoes,
Undergoes the girl with the stiches of 22

Alas! was the begnning of life blessed by the God
The mishap was not so acute, to be forgotten at all....: '(

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