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The Cobra 28 August 2008

Look man you should not listen to anyone else but yourself, on matter what you write someone out there will like it. so if i can give u some advice. Don't listen to critisismim just write what you feel. hope that helps

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In Denial

This is me,
This is who I am.
I have no feelings,
Only pride.
I am superior,
I worship my honor.
Did I mention I had no feelings?

So what could it be?
some might say it's love,
but it can't be.
Even though I am thorn apart,
whenever she is not around.
Some might say it's love,
but it can't be.

Love is for fools,
love is for weaklings.
Love hurts deep inside,
Love is unforgiving.
So what was that dream I had
last night about?

we were happy,
and all smiling.
We were holding hands,
and kissing.
It's impossible,
what's wrong with me?

I settle down,
and admitt it.
It's not like a crime
I commited.
Nothing is wrong with me,
nothing is wrong with it.
I am in love,
the most wonderful of all feelings.

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