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Once I dreamed only of my destiny.
Once I believed to achieve my desire.
I had one illusion that overwhelmed my endurance.
The purity, the beauty, the intensity of her eyes fulfilled me.

Let us get lost in an unknown place!
By an indefinite way,
To reveal the beauty of nature,
Through the way covered with green meadow,

Riding on a time machine
Running with mysterious desires
Bragging in pensive mood
Blankness, as it will never happen

Suddenly the time had come to leave the world
The moonlight showed the way to infinity
The glittering stars were ready to welcome
The endless darkness didn't seem frightening

Wearing the musk
Covering the ills
Impressing the world
Singing, dancing, fantasizing ………..

When the earth sleeps
When the moon starts to eliminate dark
My dreams then get wings to wonder around the moon
Throughout the sky, between the dazzling stars

I was enjoying the immense alone, aside the seashore.
Enjoying the beauty of breaking waves.
Sea foams in waves were touching my feet,
Sunbeams from west end were dazzling in Ocean

If I could say, ......

I forgot everything.
I kept a room in my passion


Never had I believed that I could not touch.
So I dreamed to touch it.
The moon was fixed in the wall of the sky.
I desired to touch from the top of the hill.

Hope you are well with your likes.
Seldom have I believed,
You may have achieved admirer.
You were suave but prickly,

Someone defines you in poetry
Someone enjoys,
Someone deviates,
Someone defines you as obscene,

Confined in chain; No mercy from Ruler
So I restrained myself in rule.
I can only believe upon God
Careerist! Am I not guilty to my heart?

The journey started at zero hours
With blessings, purity, pleasure, wonders ………….
From the shadows to light
With some new vision to create a new era

Countdown of the great festival started
‘Ma’ is coming with her family
The Goddess of valor, harmony, prosperity, splendor, success …
Autumn flowers are spreading fragrance to welcome mother

Man wants to live in this beautiful world
To enjoy the enchanting beauty
To get everything that he likes,
Likes to sing and dance, likes to share everything

The Best Poem Of Sankar Sehanabis

Love Without Lust

Once I dreamed only of my destiny.
Once I believed to achieve my desire.
I had one illusion that overwhelmed my endurance.
The purity, the beauty, the intensity of her eyes fulfilled me.
It was something beyond expression………..
Her pleasant appearance jingled in my heart……
Her staring deep eyes pierced my heart
Query, passion in the eyes turned me to forget the world.
Timidity in her eyes made me obsessed.
The sun at dawn became so beautiful
Cool breeze started to whisper in my ear
Love more, love more….
The time never stops for one
A river never flows back
But a stream finds it way.
My esteem acquired a space for ever in my heart.
Still I roam with that emotion
My love is still in my heart.
I feel the subsistence of adore when awake.
And dream when I asleep.
It’s my Love without lust.

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Sankar Sehanabis Quotes

If you want to satisfy everyone then you will prove that you are the fool in the world.

Wrist watch moves fast in amusing time.

Self control becomes irrelevant when choice turns to addiction

Relation with friends is like a glass made show piece which is to be maintained carefully.

Loneliness creates problem when we think only about our past.

If you have rival then obviously you have some potentiality. So be proud to have some rival.

Control of tongue is the way for healthy life and control of it helps to avoid unnecessary trouble with others.

Wise utilization of time makes life meanigful

Change of way of looking is the way of peace in life.

When you noticed that your shadow increased than your length then obviously you forgot that its time for sunset.

When faith is lost relationship turns to anxiety.

It's better to pray for others as God is not obligated to fulfill our every desire.

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Sankar Sehanabis Popularity

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