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There is scanty information about the life of Sant Surdas, (The dates of his date and birth are not really very clear), the medieval poet-singer of Braj the land associated with Lord Krishna. His compositions are in Braj Bhasha a dialect of Hindi that was considered crude at the time. Surdas' works are some of those credited with raising this diale ...

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Rishi 01 February 2019

Purana.thana tkp

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D. Lovaraju 03 January 2018

Devotion Bal kavita

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Mohabeer Beeharry 26 July 2013

Sir days is one of the greatest devotees of Shri Krishna. It is always always inspiring to read his songs and poems. There is very little else that can raise your mind and heart to a devotional height. I love them.

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The Best Poem Of Sant Surdas

Awake O! Prince Of Braj

Awake, Krishna,
awake the lotus-petals
open the water-lilies droop
the bumblebees have left
the creepers cocks crow,
and birds chirp on the trees.
The cows are in the byre lowing;
they run after their calves;
the moon fades before the sun.
Men and women arise
and joyfully sing their songs;
Krishna, of hands lotus-like awake,
for the day is about to dawn.

Sant Surdas Popularity

Sant Surdas Popularity

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