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What's All The Fuss About?

I sat and looked around tonight- and wished with all my heart,
That each white face would change to black, that would be a start.
They'd hurry home to love ones- who wouldn't let them in,
Though nothing would have changed, except the color of their skin.

Sea Of Despair

There is a sea that beckons me, -- called "Deep Despair,"
And hopelessness and sorrow -- always lead me there.
Each drop of water in it -- has at one time, been a tear,
It reflects my mixed emotions -- I can see them crystal clear.

Second-Handed Garments

A brown hat made of velvet, and a green coat trimmed in fur,
"Second-handed" garments, that someone gave to her.
Every single Sunday with the same hat on her head,
Same coat on her shoulders,-- off to church she'd tread.

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