Sarah Josepha Buell Hale Poems

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My Country

The Empire Of Woman 1: Woman's Empire Defined

The outward world, for rugged toil designed,
Where Evil from true Good the crown hath riven,
Hath been to men's dominion ever given;

Stanzas To The Memory Of L.E.L

And thou art gone! the Bridal Rose
Fresh on thy laurelled head;
A land of new, wild, wondrous scenes
Before thy fancy spread-

The Empire Of Woman 5: The Mother

Earth held no symbol, had no living sign
To image forth the Mother's deathless love;
And so the tender care the righteous prove

The Light Of Home

My boy, thou wilt dream the world is fair,
And thy spirit will sigh to roam:
And thou must go; but never, when there,
Forget the light of home.

The Empire Of Woman 4: The Wife

The Daughter from her father's bosom goes-
The Sister drops her brother's clasping hand-
For God himself ordained a holier band

Alice Ray: A Romance In Rhyme: Canto Iv

Around the sides of Etna
How fair the gardens grow,-

The Two Maidens

One came with light and laughing air,
And cheek like opening blossom,-
Bright gems were twined amid her hair,
And glittered on her bosom,

Three Hours; Or, The Vigil Of Love: Second Hour

Many, many years ago,
When all the world moved very slow;
Before the light of Science broke,

Three Hours; Or, The Vigil Of Love: Third Hour

It was two hundred years ago,
When moved the world so very slow,
And when the wide Atlantic Sea

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