Sarah Lindsay

(1958 / Iowa / United States)

Sarah Lindsay Poems

1. Without Warning 5/11/2015
2. Attack Underground 4/12/2016
3. Elegy for the Quagga 4/12/2016
4. Hollow Boom Soft Chime: The Thai Elephant Orchestra 4/12/2016
5. Makris Is Fallen 4/12/2016
6. Rain of Statues 4/12/2016
7. Shanidar, Now Iraq 4/12/2016
8. Small Moth 4/12/2016
9. Stubbornly 4/12/2016
10. The So-called Singer of Nab 4/12/2016
11. Unreliable Narration 4/12/2016
12. Zucchini Shofar 4/12/2016
13. Tell the Bees 4/12/2016

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Best Poem of Sarah Lindsay

Attack Underground

Themiscyra, 72 BC

While Lucullus raided cherry orchards,
he left us to besiege,
grudgingly, this outlander fortress,
named for an Amazon queen,
while thinking of food and home.
Not one of us has seen
a single horse-borne warrior woman.
Meanwhile, we dug a tomb.

We intended it as the tunnel
through which we'd claim the fort.
We shored up the sifting roof
and dug by lamps
that shed more shadows than light.
At last we formed up underground
to attack with sword and fire,
but the enemy tossed in hives,

and in a cloud of stinging ...

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