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19 years old
love writing lyrics and poems
poetry is my passion
also helping people is wht i love to do.
writing. its my only way out of reality.
calms me down and makes me see the joy in my life.
release the negative energy as it flows down the fragile paper.
writing. its all about my life, hope you guys enjoy reading about me.
every poetry reveals a secret about me.

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Thank You For Making Me Suffer

Thanks for using me up completely, then throwing me away
Thanks for making me cry, those sad tears again
Thanks for pushing me away, when I most needed you
Thanks for ignoring my calls, when I needed to hear your voice

Am I Ready For The Battle Of Love?

his eyes
as he looks at me
just like the stars


Written on her body
Reminding her

Just For Them

As I lay my self to sleep
I think of all the things I did
Were they right?
Were they perfect?

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