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No More Dream

Hey you, what's your dream?
Hey you, what's your dream?
Hey you, what's your dream?
Is that all your dream is?

Blood Sweat And Tears

My Blood Sweat and Tears
My last Dance
Take it away~ away~
All my blood sweat and tears


You're my sun, one and only in this world
I bloom for you, but you make me thirsty
It's too late, too late
I can't live without you

The Rise Of Bangtan

But what will happen if BTS rises?

Bang! Tan! So! Nyeon! Dan!

First Love

In a corner of my memory
There's a brown piano
A corner of my childhood home
There's a brown piano

Sareena Asrar Quotes

09 October 2016

' People who never try to work hard can never win because hardwork is the key to success.'

14 October 2016

Life is too short so break silly rules, laugh loudly and never resist to smile.

15 October 2016

Your first impression is your last impression so prepare for the worst and except the best.

15 October 2016

No matter what the world says, I am bulletproof.

22 October 2016

My Blood Sweat and Tear's, turn it all into energy to achieve your goal.

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purple phoenix 08 February 2020

BANGTAN FOREVER! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! HWAITING! I'm waiting for Map of the soul: 7 right now... I admire your poems Hope you continue doing this ARMY and BANGTAN through and through

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Studying in Salamat school since Kindergarten Lahore. Now About to finish A levels.
About to enter in Fsc for the field of Dentistry.
Life has taught valuable lessons like never give up and hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Sareena Asrar Popularity