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Amid the silence of the solitary night,
the cry of the unknown bird,
brings wonderful feelings in the heart,
creates a different world.

My City

Open the window,
sweet fragrance of morning
will fill the surrounding;
Please, stop and listen,

A Desire

Sometime slightest of sound
on my door
make me believe


You are here,
I am also here,
But look,
I can't see you in my naked eyes,


Loneliness in heart,
loneliness in mind,
loneliness in dreams,
loneliness in desires,

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11 August 2015

love is like a dream... full of colors.

03 August 2017

stop and look back you can unveil your own mistakes and can modify yourself.

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hello I read all the poems of you wonderful let me say I like them

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Life is full of pain and pleasure. When i write I pass my emotion to my reader. I love my reader more than anything.I have not come to this earth to live for years. But i want to leave something what i can. My daughter says -'why are you writing'. I always reply 'i am writing, but don't know why'. So this is the journey, 'never wants to touch the end'..Only want to walk, walk and walk.I want to be a small glittering star any where in the literary sky.

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