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A butterfly flew to my window pane
Beautifully black spotted and big
I could see it through the glass
It was not aware of my presence

I asked God
What was your purpose,
In creating us humans?
To which, God Said,

Face, the mirror of our mind
Reflecting us to the world
Picturing from deep inside
Bringing out the truth

It’s been so hard to survive
All these long years
My life continue its slow pace
I seldom fathom about

Human minds today
Evolves around boundaries
Every individual has drawn a line
In his mind with limitations

Smile is the essence of Life
So Smile and Smile always
You can win hearts by throwing
A smile even at a stranger

Life is a Literature,
Love is its theme
0nly changing the colours
On the canvas

I welcomed the morning breeze
Feeling fresh from a hard sleep
Birds Chirping, Flowers bloom
Giving a boost for my day ahead

On a fine summer evening
Clouds from nowhere gathered
Darkening the place all over
The clashes of larger clouds


I dreamed the other night, that
An angel came down to the earth!

Oh, darkness, thick darkness
Enveloping us from everywhere
In our thoughts, in our minds
Spreading and clutching us in its grip

Lying on my terrace
I watched the evening sky
It gave me a wonderful feeling,
A mixture of light and shadow

In the night, when the violin tuned
By the magical touch of your fingers,
Words came out of my mind
Creating music in the air!

Guessing is the game we love to play,
When all our resources are lost
We think and ponder over it
Failing to reach a conclusion.

The morning dew drops on green grass tops,
Glittered like diamonds in sunlight!
The birds chirped, the river sang,
Flowers blossomed filling the air with aroma

Why Is It So?

The World is calling
Are we that much busy

Is there a Heaven?
If so, where is it?
Anybody had seen,
Or experienced it?


Oh, you Humans
How can you be defined?

Some Light Some Shadows,
In the path of Life we face.
Some Happiness Some Sorrow,
We Experience along the route.

In the silence of the night
Cool breeze blowing,
Sensuous aroma filled the air
I heard mild footsteps afar

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Self styled Not a writer in its sense. Just scribbling down my thoughts)

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Butterfly Was My Guest

A butterfly flew to my window pane
Beautifully black spotted and big
I could see it through the glass
It was not aware of my presence
As the Glass was tinted in black
Took some shots and done a video
Of my guest on the Window pane
Still stationing there for long
Then on a sudden it was gone
Into the vast chest of nature
Blessed and Beautiful are they
Though their lives are short
Am excited about my Guest
On my black window pane
Charmed by it's beautifully
Spread and decorated wings
God must have sent it to me
Like an angel from the heaven
To give some solace from
Otherwise, a tension full life.

© Sasidharan T. Vellat

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