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We watched the moon,
Feeling happy.
Little did we know,
Soon we would get flappy.

'Crafty as a serpent
In a cunning game'
True, it wasn't a war
It was a trap

Are you okay? '
A question everyone asks

I want to be the one to control my life


You strutted in front of us with a lurid façade of pride.
You strutted in front of us wearing that sickly, brute smile.
We all knew the colours that shone from it -
Arrogance, heinousness, heedlessness.

All I see is a thousand lights,
Sparks and flames buzz through the air.
Clashes of crimson and red, Paint murals across the sky.

We sit shivering in the cold, damp trenches,
While the hawkish winds slit through our veins.
Rain soaks, while I bleed tears.
I cringe into the darker holes, all hope lost.

Here was where he stood.
Glared at the words on the gate.
'Arbeit Macht Frei'
Work Sets You Free.

For a stranger with my secrets.

Many years ago we were just strangers.
Knew nothing about each other.

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We watched the moon,
Feeling happy.
Little did we know,
Soon we would get flappy.
No more touching faces,
In crowded places!
No more shaking hands,
There's a virus on our lands…
Inside we all sat,
Feeling all sad.

Wear a mask!
The hygiene tasks!
Six feet!
How are we supposed to meet? !
Inside we stayed,
To avoid the ravage.
Oh, who knew how big,
Could this be a savage?
Inside we all sat
Feeling all sad

We started to care.
We could see each other's tears,
Because we were having to share,
Everyone's biggest fears.
Every day we dream,
We all working as a team.
The good day says ‘one day I'll be back…'
‘But for now, fight with that! '
Inside we all sat,
Feeling all sad.

Time went by,
Positive thoughts weren't too high…
Day after day.
Night after night.
There went the year,
But not the tears.
- Saumya <3

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History is not to show what happened. It's there to show, how and why it happened. Therefore to make sure we spot the signs in future.

It's funny how you need, Sorrows to know what happiness is. You need a bit of both to know what life is.

Trees don't get judged for being different. Then why do we?

Mistakes are like your back. Everyone else but you can see it.

Sure remember the dead. But don't make the ones with you feel dead while remembering them dead.

Don't open your wounds to heal other people's wounds. Those re-opened wounds are harder to stitch close again.

An artist dies when their creativity dies.

The people who matter would listen to you without you having to shout. They would hear you because they care and want to know what you have to say.

We can't live forever. But we can create memories that will live forever. And that should be the goal of life - Not to live forever but to make something that will instead.

What good is preciousness dependent on fear? Therefore not fear death but embrace and accept it so that the preciousness of your life isn't drowned by the clinging chunks of anxiety and fear.

Forever is an illusion.

Forever is a word for memories, not for people.

Change of perspectives can lead to different endings.

Even heroes have shadows.

There needs to be some real fine trust to have betrayal on its way.

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