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History is not to show what happened. It's there to show, how and why it happened. Therefore to make sure we spot the signs in future.

It's funny how you need, Sorrows to know what happiness is. You need a bit of both to know what life is.

Trees don't get judged for being different. Then why do we?

Mistakes are like your back. Everyone else but you can see it.

Sure remember the dead. But don't make the ones with you feel dead while remembering them dead.

Don't open your wounds to heal other people's wounds. Those re-opened wounds are harder to stitch close again.

An artist dies when their creativity dies.

The people who matter would listen to you without you having to shout. They would hear you because they care and want to know what you have to say.

We can't live forever. But we can create memories that will live forever. And that should be the goal of life - Not to live forever but to make something that will instead.

What good is preciousness dependent on fear? Therefore not fear death but embrace and accept it so that the preciousness of your life isn't drowned by the clinging chunks of anxiety and fear.

Forever is an illusion.

Forever is a word for memories, not for people.

Change of perspectives can lead to different endings.

Even heroes have shadows.

There needs to be some real fine trust to have betrayal on its way.

History favours the winners, no matter their crimes...

Sometimes when you race towards the finish line, along the way, you forget who you started it all with by your side.

The heart always clings to feelings and memories, pity the brain doesn't.

Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches.

Time and tide wait for no man.

A path towards an ending is only the beginning of something bigger.

Some feel lost in the pain, others feel motionless within the change.

For you it never began, for me it never ended...

Bracelets and necklaces say 'forever', but what do beads and thread know about life?

Meeting you was an accident, but accidents can be good too. Being together forever was a dream, but dreams come to an end too...

My head said 'who cares? ' My heart whispered 'you do...'

We laughed until we had to cry, we loved right down to our last goodbye.

Some people in life are like 28th and 29th of Feb, they're so close yet so far.

There's always a sunset.

I don't know whether it was the fear of losing you, or the truth that I lost you...

Don't judge a man by his actions while under orders, judge him when the time comes for him to act on his own accord.

They say love is the strongest force, yet you can't force love.

Some relationships are like a two-sided mirror, I just wish I could've seen through it sooner.

Sometimes you don't notice just how the music made you feel until all that's left is the silence of being alone.

We were two puzzles pieces that fit together perfectly, but the thing is I'm from a different puzzle

Everybody cares about the one, who loved, but nobody cares about the one who can't.

You were my dream, I was your thought...

A villain will always be a villain if the hero tells the story.

The only reason goodbyes are hard is because you know that they will live a better life... And you won't be in it.

Some don't wait for a happy ending anymore... they just wait for an end.

They say loneliness is cruel, but once you get used to it there is nothing more addictive than that.

If you're the protagonist of a world where you can do whatever you want, then I'm just a side character who would do anything to survive.

Death stops mortals, but the spirits go on.

The only one in my head is me, how do I learn to set me free?

I was never the main character of your story yet you were title of my story.

Stand amongst the ashes of a million dead souls, and ask the ghosts if honour matters, the silence is your answer.

Save a hundred lives - nobody cares. Kill one person - suddenly everyone knows your name.

Some people didn't change, the world that they sacrificed for, simply told them they weren't good enough.

I used to be scared of the monsters under my bed, but no one warned me about the ones in my head.

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