Saurav Sudhir

Saurav Sudhir Poems

1. The Peasant 1/29/2011
2. The Fall! 2/8/2011
3. I Walk... I Walk With Me 2/8/2011
4. Day! 3/10/2011
5. Resolute 3/17/2013
6. Fear 3/17/2013
7. Forest Fires 2/8/2011
Best Poem of Saurav Sudhir

Forest Fires

the clouds that rain darkness,
the flames that burn a wilderness,
reach up to grab the flighted beast,
to join the rest in its roasting feast.

a spark to start a dazzling blaze
gallons to end the immaculate haze.
with ruins in ashes,
its horror still flashes;

with the mesmerizing red, yellow and orange fading;
the sullen sorrow of unmasked darkness begins cascading;
the vain efforts of the yellow cladded firefighters;
undone by the mysterious force of natures calibrators.

a wish from the evacuated that never may such a catastrophe occur, ...

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