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The deep ends of the sea,
are like that of infinity,
if believed, it can be found, not by others, execpt by you and me.
don't worry about negative people and their talk,

I look through my childhood as if I were there,
but yet remain in this grown up body, which in life is not fair,
I have forgotten the good times in my past,
I can't believe that my childhood moved on very fast,

A loaf of bread, a jug of wine,
a little of love, combines, your heart with mine,
this is the tree of love,
forever it will remain, forever in line.

Towards the east and towards the west,
I come looking for you all to admire our friendship,
far across the ocean so wide, so wide that the tide
of sorrrow could not combine with our everlasting friendship,

A battle took place deep down in my heart,
The right choice to make! It tore me apart.

At times near,
Shall I not shed a tear,
For peace attained,
At last a dream,

As I lay my body down to rest,
I think about my life and what I did best,

For time has passed and passed to be,

When one looks across the heavenly dome,
And gazes with thoughts that freely roam,
Into the mist of mystery,
Such joy! Is felt from this esctacy!

What of nature is of worth?
When Destroyed by inhuman dearth,
Such inglorious butchers they could be!
Of thy beauty they cannot see,

Can one sing like the butterfly?
A melancholic way,
Were life's hard work pays off in a day,
Were bushes burn bright green,

Far towards the conors of this world do I ride my horse,
looking for a person to trust,
nevertheless do I know that there is no one on this earth,
I look now to god and I know that he's the only one I could trust,

You are special to me,
you really open my eyes, for the world to see,
you show me love,
you un-bondage me and make me like a free dove,

Not like the past
which love was understood deeply and vast,
now-a-days, peoples ways are changed,
their minds are deranged

The garden of Eden is so beautiful,
the garden of Eden is so wonderful,
love blossoms like the flowers
peace reigns in the land

The yellow sky do I see
just like the golden yellow sands of dee,
riffeles and raffels do I see,
all bodering the golden yellow upper sea,

Far, deep in the jungle, do I travell,
the mystery of the water rainbow I unravell,
It looks beautiful; between the sunset orange and the dark red
lies shiny brown lead;

To the east and west,
there lay an imaginary quest,
the quest to find which answer is the best,
that is, there is or is not a pole existing at the either ends,

As I lay my innocent head,
Upon a stone for bed,


Clean is thy mind,
For your eyes will not go blind,

What reason is there for war? !
I see no joy in it,
For brutally my heart it would split! !

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I'm a project editor, working in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. I love writing, nature, religious poems and mini articles on philosophy.)

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Deep Ends Of The Sea

The deep ends of the sea,
are like that of infinity,
if believed, it can be found, not by others, execpt by you and me.
don't worry about negative people and their talk,
just hear it near them, and release it when, away from them you walk.
for if you are affected by their poison, for your courage will be
lock 'ed'.
believe in yourself, even though you are mocked
you wil conquer, the deep ends of the sea.

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Chris Newman 23 January 2014

Dear Savio I read your poem Deep Ends Of The Sea and thanks. It is really encouraging, positive and uplifting. Nice one! Chris Newman

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