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There was yelling everywhere,
gunshots, screams and pleads.
The gun pointed at me,
you saved my life.

She walks the halls in sheer anger.
She breaks the lockers in half,
She goes into the bathroom and cuts herself
Drip, Drip, Drip goes the blood,

She leaned against the brick wall,
Letting him feel her body.
His hands rested gently on her waist,
He looked into her hazel eyes.

Sometimes I find myself dreaming,
in the daytime.
It is always about finding peace and love.

Was it my fault?
You and I fell in love at a young age.
We weren't blessed nor accepted by family and friends.
So we ran away together, you and me.

I loved him.
Yes I did.
He was mine,
And I was his.

The snow fall this year will be cold.
How will the homeless surive;
living on your doorstep,
or in your garden?

He is old, he is fragile.
He is my grandfather.
He has fought everyone and everything.
He will protect me from illness,

You're always there to make me smile, laugh and cry.
To cheer me up, when I am down.
To hold me close and never let go.

This is just another story,
A sad one it may be indeed.
Is it true?
Or is it fake?

Santa Clause loves a bit of banter
he goes on a horse and tells it go and canter
He loves himself,
he flicks his hair,

Whenever I fall.
It is always in love.
My heart beats quickly when I see you.
Then I fall.

With you, it was only just a dream.
One so rich and full of life,
It felt too real.
How I wish it was!

He will always find mke,
Protect me,
Love me, until the world
ends and beyond.

If you wanna cry. Baby cry.
Let your tears smudge your face.
Let them fall to the floor.
Trust me; it is okay to cry.

I hide away,
in my room.
Music blasting though my closed door.
So nobody can hear my sobs.

I can't forget the times we had.
All the times we were completely mad.
I was mad for you.
You were mad for me.

She did it again.
She thought that the cards would work.
They didn't, they just made her feel worse.
The cards reminded her of her past that she wanted to forget.

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A Buddha once said: 'You can close your eyes to things you do not want to see, but you cannot close your heart to things you do not want to feel.')

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Saved My Life

There was yelling everywhere,
gunshots, screams and pleads.
The gun pointed at me,
you saved my life.

I'll never forget your touch,
your kiss, your laugh.
The sparkle in your eyes when
you said that you loved me.
Your smile when I said: 'I love you too.'

You pushed me away from the bullet, speeding towards me.
You died in my arms,
your body went limp in my arms.

I'll never forget your last kiss,
your last words, your last breath,
the last look in your eyes that said everything.

I'll never forget the day you saved my life.

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