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Elegy On The Death Of Carlos Bousoño

Without digressions and steadily

You grew old like a river reaching the sea.

As one who reaches the sea and the sand,
you let go off the safety of the land.

You fought the storms battling with age.
Your spirit overcame. You turned a page.

Your words became salty and filled with shells,
drifting in light and drafted in spells.

Young in its fervour, brother of the waves,
your heart carried weight, wherever it braved.

Wherever it braved, you came into being
as when morning dawns and night is fleeing

in the slimmest of lights, and you suddenly know
a new day is born and you feel aglow.

You reached old age undisturbed by chance
with time for reflection and eager for balance,

with a gift to listen, repent and find peace,
as the sea waves receive, hold on and release.

As the sea winds play with an errant dove
may the Great Spirit enfold you with love,

carry you, written in wind, salt and sea
to Elysium’s infinite harmony.

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Scharlie Meeuws Popularity

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