Bijay Kant Dubey School Poems

Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning to everybody,
One saying it to another,

The Pondicherry ashrama poets writing poetry
Under the influence of the master,
The great spiritual guru,
So much religious not,

The Opening Of An English-Medium School In A Village-Town

The Opening of An English-medium School In A Village-town; Resounding With Good Morning, Please And Thank You—The Englishmen In The Making

Good morning.
Good morning.

The School Of Maya I Belong To

As a poet
I belong to
The school of maya.

English Medium School And A Trial And Tryst With Englishness, The Wisps And Whiffs of It In India/ Coming Sir, Going, Sir
Coming sir,
Small-small boys and girls saying,
Coming into,

Those who can fire on the Buddhas,
The Bamiyan Buddhas
Can definitely
On the innocent school children,

The School Of Maya

The School of Maya is the school of attachment,
Infatuation and attraction for,
Illusion and hallucination,
The snares of the world.

The Dance School Boys & Girls

When I see them coming from the drama practical,
Taking of their exam and returning back,
I mean the learners,
Dressed and made up

What is it that they are demanding
Which but they cannot,
What is that the protesting girls
Whcih but they canno hear it?

The College, The School Not For The Purdahwalli

If they are conservative and orthodox,
Why do they send their wards
To schools and colleges to read?
The educational institutions are not for doing politics.

Are they going to a religious seminary
To read scriptures
Or for something else?
Are they students or not?

The Poor Daughter Going To Her Village School

The poor daughter
Going to school
With a slate and lime pencil
And a jute knapsack to sit on

The Pondicherry School Of Indian English Poetry

Is a poetry school of
Maharshi Aurobindo
With his disciples

The Pondicherry School Of Poetry

The Pondicherry School is one
Of the mystic-religious poetry,
The divino-religious school of poetry,
The ashramite school of poetry.

The School Of Maya Where From I Have Been Schooled

The School of Maya,
I read it here,
Dream in,
This is my school

Small Bavarian Girls I Saw Them Going To School

An English School In India

All yes sirring,
Sirring, sir, sir,
Coming and going,
Coming sir, going sir,

Say you,
In which school,

My English is very poor,
Frankly speaking, I am weak in
and even though speak I, pronounce I

Bihar Ka Charwaha School/ Bihar's Shepherd-School

Bihar Ka Charwaha School

Bhainsacharanewalla, bhedacharanewalla,
Bakricharanewaali, gayacharanewalli,

It Gives Me Joy When I See The Small Girl Going To School

It gives me joy
When I see
A small girl

My Adolescent Dance Behind The School (Haiku)

An English-Medium School Here

An English-medium here
In a small town
Opened by those
Who do not know themselves

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