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Scott Shaw is a poet, author, journalist, composer, musician, actor, photographer, and filmmaker. Shaw was born and spent his formative years in Hollywood, California - growing up just a few doors from Charles Bukowski. Though much younger than Bukowski, the two developed a friendship.

Shaw's poetry and literary fiction was first published in literary journals in the late 1970s. He continued forward to have several works of poetry and literature published in book form during the 1980s. As the 1990s dawned, Shaw's writings began to be embraced in Spiritual and Martial Art circles. From this, he has authored a number of books on Zen Buddhism, Yoga, and the Martial Arts, published by large publishing houses.

In addition to writing, Shaw has an active career as an actor and filmmaker. ...

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The Best Poem Of Scott Shaw

Woman From The Hills Of Thailand

as I look out of the nighttime window
a window that looks down across the Chao Phraya River

I look
I see your reflection in the glass
woman asleep on my bed
your golden skin reflects the night

a night of love
a night of passion
you have had so many that you do not know what they mean

a moment purchased
a life given away

and when nothing means anything
and the lies are spoken as truth
the rhythm sounds
and we each know the answer

the answer
that there is no answer at all

she grabbed me in passion
but, the passion became only a game

in the game
as in all games
some one wins
some one loses
and some one gets up and walks away.

this is life
this is Thailand

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Scott Shaw Popularity

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