Seamus Whittington Crawford III

Seamus Whittington Crawford III Poems

1. Match Burned Out 6/11/2005
2. The Deal I Thought I Wanted 6/11/2005
3. See Your Breath 6/11/2005
4. Watch The Rain 6/11/2005
5. The Perfect Love Song 6/11/2005
6. Wishing Well 6/11/2005
7. What I Saw 6/11/2005
8. Close Your Eyes 6/11/2005
9. A Night Like This 6/11/2005
10. Get To Know You Again 6/11/2005
11. Man On A Camel 6/11/2005
12. Look Some Place Else 6/11/2005
13. Tell Her, Mr. Moon 6/11/2005
14. Taps 6/11/2005

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Every time I check in with her, she ends up playing taps for me.
Over and over - how many times must I hear it to bury it all?
The body's cold, the funeral's over
here at the Tomb of the Unknown Former Lover.

Cast my pearls before swine
just too many times.

Spent too much of myself to trying to break through.
Too much of precious me
trying to sell her yet again free access to my dementia…

She’s inscrutable, impossible, unobtainable and outta reach.

She’s moved on, walked on and don’t want me around.
Don’t wanna talk, don’t wanna kiss, don’t ...

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